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Dry Ice

We sell dry ice under the Philadelphia Dry Ice trade name, offering the following types of dry ice:

  • Dry ice Slices (also called slabs or blocks), available usually in 10″x10″x2″ or 10″x5″x2″ blocks. Slices are primarily used by the food industry: food manufacturing, food transportation, food storage, and food retail. 
  • Dry Ice Pellets (5/8″ diameter by ~1″ long), which are primarily used by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, laboratories, and contractors.
  • Dry Ice Blasting Pellets (~1/8″ diameter), which are great for cleaning industrial equipment

All Dry Ice is available by the pound with a 10 lb minimum

Philadelphia Dry Ice can deliver dry ice on an emergency basis at any hour (with higher minimums)

Bagged Ice

We distribute bagged ice under the Jim’s Ice name, supplying many Philadelphia restaurants, food manufacturers, construction sites, and entertainment venues with three sizes of bagged ice:

  • 8 pound bag of ice
  • 20 pound bag of ice
  • 40 pound bag of ice

There is no minimum order amount for ice bought in store. Come on in and buy a single bag for a picnic or a skid full of ice for your wedding.

For bagged ice deliveries, we do have a minimum order quantity based on your distance to our facility. Call us today to learn more.

24 Hour Emergency Delivery Service Available

Minimum Order Required

Dry Ice is not recommended for human consumption Ingestion can be fatal

Dry Ice Pellets
Dry Ice Blocks, or "Slices"
Bagged Ice
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