BAGGED ICE - Retail or Wholesale


Jim’s Ice now has a 24-hour ice vending machine!

Come down at any hour, swipe your credit card, and get all the ice you need. It’s that easy.

Get your tailgating ice early in the morning… even when we aren’t here!

Don't Forget to Fill Your Cooler

We serve customers of all sizes, selling single bags to walk-in customers and truck loads of bagged ice to major entertainment venues. Jim’s Ice has state-of-the-art Commercial Ice Machines capable of supplying large quantities of Ice for any need.

Stop in today to fill up on ice for your next big event.
OR call us today and have Jim’s Ice deliver quality Ice by the bag.
Jim’s Ice sells three sizes of bagged ice.
7 lb Bag of Ice
20 lb Bag of Ice
40 lb Bag of Ice
Ice by the pallet

Jim’s Ice sells wholesale bagged ice in any quantity you need.

Call us today to have us deliver large quantities of ice to your wedding, graduation party, or other event.

Jim's Ice Has All the Ice You Need

Shaved Ice for Snow Cones

Why wait until winter for snow, when you can have it tomorrow?

Shaved Ice is the necessary ingredient for snow cones! Drop by Jim’s Ice for bags of shaved ice and syrup before your next snow cone party. We have a dozen flavors.
Shaved Ice is also fantastic for oyster bed displays, shrimp displays, catering events, & more.